We are workoholics

there is no true happiness without hard work and beer!

Daniel Stefanov


Daniel is the co-founder and currently CEO of the company.

Greatness is just another word for hard work!

Momchil Milev


Momchil is the "big head" mastermind behind the code and co-founder of the company

Always leave code comments!!!

Nora Ivanova


Nora is our "consciousness" - she is always there when we drift away

In clean code I trust.

Miroslav Vassilev

Senior Developer

Miroslav is our leading server side guy

Why we don't use Python instead?

Georgi "Joro" Nikolov

Senior Software Architect

Java, Python, PHP, English, German, Arabic - you name it - he code in it!

Where are my 500 mills?

Sasho Spasoff


No unique project started without proper docs!

Life is a Dare

Krasimir Velichkov


I am Ionic

Dobbie Dencheva

front-end developer

Why should I use bootstrap, when I can design my own carrousel!

Gabriela Lozanova

Head of Sales

Do you need a pen - contact her!

Where are my 500 mills?

Our extra skills

what we can do for you:

  • Software development100%
  • Product developmentt96%
  • Project management72%
  • App development87%
  • SaaS solutions100%